UK supplier of glass bead for shot blasting machines

Glass bead abrasive

  • Fine, medium
UK supplier of Aluminium oxide grit for shot blasting machines

Aluminium oxide

Fine, medium, coarse

UK supplier of aluminium oxide grit for shot blasting machines

Steel cast grit

HG40 (G17) HG50 (G12)

UK supplier of steel shot abrasive for blasting machines

Steel shot abrasive


CBI BEAD/GRIT/SHOT abrasive media is dispatched on a 24hr or 48hr courier service.  25kg bags - 1 tonne pallet - Next day delivery abrasive media for UK customers.

Glass bead

Off white soda lime beads. Gives no measureable removal of parent metals, widely used for bright finishing. Grades sizes: 0-44   50-100   100-150   150-300   300-400   400-600

Commercial brown aluminium oxide

Grey, sharp media generally used for removal of contaminates or pre-finishing non metal product. Grades sizes: 80-120    60-80    40-60    30-40    20-30 

Virgin Brown alumina

Virgin non reclaimed media. Widely used where a cleaner finish is required.  Grades sizes: 80-120    60-80    40-60    30-40    20-30 

White fused alumina

white aluminium oxide/white corundum is a non-ferrous reusable blast media. It is extremely hard, brittle and has a very aggressive effect on the surface being blasted. Grades sizes: 10-80    80-90    90-100    120-150    180-220    220-240    240-280    280-320

Steel shot

Tempered steel shots are used in airless blast machines. Cleaning action to give components an as new finish and shot peened surface, removes minimum amount or parent metal, widely used in the aerospace industry's and nickel chrome shots are also available, with grade sizes as per steel shot . Prices on application. Grades sizes: S070    S110    S170    S230    S280    S330

Chilled iron

Extensively used in the foundry industry, where free iron contamination is acceptable. Has a high speed cutting action that is ideal for ferrous casting, steel fabrications and structural steel. Grade sizes: G5    G7    G12    G17    G24

Plastic bead PBM

Formaldehyde / melamine plastic Grade sizes: 12-20    20-40    40-60

Walnut shells

This media is used for decarbonising and polishing within the motor trade and jewellery industry as it burns and dissolves without leaving contaminants. Grade sizes: Grade sizes are minimal


Please see our Abrasive Choice page for more information on CBI Equipment's blast media.