UK supplier of blast nozzles

We supply and manufacturer a range of blast nozzles, CBI only sell high quality blast nozzles, available for next day UK delivery.

Our best selling blast nozzles (tallest first):

  • ¬†Long reach tungsten carbide nozzle for mobile blast Pots

  • Standard tungsten carbide nozzle for mobile blast Pots

  • Boron alloy nozzle for mobile blast Pots

  • High flow nozzle for larger Suction / Venturi guns

  • Standard tungsten Carbide Nozzle fitted to suction / Venturi

  • Screw in Tungsten carbide nozzle fitted to pressure cabinets and smaller mobile pressure pots

Please call CBI Equipment for the best price on our high quality blast nozzles.  

Below you can see our 900 type HI-Flow tungsten carbide nozzle in a steel jacket which we fit to our guns (CBI Equipment/Guyson compatible fitments).

These guns whip through your blasting far quicker than standard nozzle; an 8mm nozzle will require 35CFM FAD.

High quality blasting nozzles from CBI Equipment UK