CBI shot blasting safety equipment

CBI are suppliers for a range of shot blasting personal protective equipment (PPE).  Please contact us for a competitive quote.

Shogun shot blasting helmet

Key Features
◾ latex outer protective hood
◾ resistant removable shoulder cape
◾ Adjustable head harness
◾ Adjustable belt with flow regulator
◾ Internal safety window
◾ Carrier for outer visors for easy tear off

◾ Air quality to apparatus must meet BS4275:1997
◾ Not for use in atmospheres with low oxygen >19.5%.
◾ Max breathing hose length: 34m or 4x(7.6m)
◾ Air inlet connection : 1/4” Male BSP
◾ Minimum airflow requirement: 6.0 CFM (170 LPM)

To order please call 01929 50669

shogun helmet and cape slide shot blast safety equipment

Air fed blast helmet breathing filter

Key Features

This filter is designed to reduce pollutants in air supplied to air fed helmets. The filter will remove mists (inclusive of oil mists), liquid or water vapour and  sand particle down to 0.5 micron in size from a suitable supply of compressed air that is free from carbon monoxide.

Filter cartridges:

Breathing filter cartridges  for clean air when shot blasting replaced at regular intervals to ensure the health and safety of the operator.

To order please call 01929 50669

breathing filter shot blast safety equipment