Glass bead 25KG - 1000KG are used for honing or polishing surfaces it brightens and polishes soft metals such as aluminum, brass and other metals to bring dull aluminum (like motor bike heads up to an as new finish) as it polished as it blast. Also removes weld burns from stainless steel  

Glass bead guide for shot blasting machines

Aluminum Oxide 25KG - 1000KG one of the finest sand like products for stripping or giving an etched surface on metal so paint & powder will adhere to (stick) and the fast removal of paint and other contaminates leaving a non contaminated etched Grade sizes currently in stock F100 Fine F60 Medium and F24 Coarse. 

UK supplier of Aluminium oxide grit for shot blasting machines

Chilled Iron / Steel Grits 25KG - 1000KG is without question the best heavy duty reusable blasting materials on the market for all your blast cleaning or refurbishment requirements. Being a heavy material it is used in pressure pots and pressure cabinets but not suction pots or cabinets. This dust free material has a very very long work life to give outstanding results each and every time. It is used for the commercial stripping and cleaning of metal products to an SA2 or SA3 standard of finish. 

Aluminum oxide grit guide for shot blasting machines

Steel shot 25KG - 1000KG.This is widely used in airless type paddle machines for honing and for cleaning metal products to give a natural cast Iron finish in small barrel blasters and their bigger cousins the rubber belt tumbling, section and hook type shot-blasters, not to be confused to air blowing machines. It can also be used in manual hand blast cabinets (pressure versions only). email for a price as it is more expensive than other abrasives and beads 

Steel shot abrasive guide for shot blasting machines