CBI UK blast rooms

CBI offer a comprehensive containerised blast rooms with multipe configurations and media reclaim options. We supply economical partial reclaim to high efficiency full floor reclaim systems CBI help you design a solution uniquely tailored to your blast requirements.

We provide a full turnkey setup, existing retro-fits, portable blast systems and supply all replacement parts including dust collectors cartridge filters, augers, elevator belts, bushings, bearings and motors.

CBI Equipment are based in Dorset, UK and we are one of the leading abrasive blast system manufacturers and supplier of blast rooms.

The most economical blast rooms are built to fit all standard shipping containers.

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Container blast rooms

CBI's containerised abrasive blast rooms are uniquely tailored for you and your blast requirements we provide space saving for you (or your operative) to blast efficiently minimizing operation costs.

Dust collectors

CBI high blast room dust collectors provide high efficiency cleaning (<1 micron) to provide a much safer working atmosphere.

Blast reclaim systems.

Form partial to full floor reclaim systems CBI Equipmen can design the room with catwalks, magnetic separators. turntables. rubber room lining and any custom feature you require.