Blast pressure pots

CBI Equipment has been providing pressure pots for over 25 years!

We have done this by consistently providing great products, we both manufacture and resell industrial pressure blast pots.

Plug & Play

At CBI equipment we believe in zero hassle and provide products that work out of the box, or more accurately: off the pallet and ready to blast:

  • 6m heavy duty blast hose & control lines
  • Nozzle and nozzle holder, 5, 6 or 8mm
  • Pinch valve
  • Air fed shogun blast helmet breathing filter

Convert suction to a pressure blast machine

Connect to air and you can blast and offer services as a professional.

We also can manufacture custom specifications to suit your pressure blasting setup. Please contact CBI for an informal chat.

pressure blast pot guide explanation diagram

When the foot control pedal is activated, the air control valve A is opening and allows  compressed air into the system. As the system pressurises, the mushroom valve B is forced upwards against the rubber sealing ring C (thereby closing the pressure vessel).
Whilst the mushroom valve remains closed, pressure continues to build in the space above the media as compressed air flows into the vessel via the gap between the mushroom valve sleeve E.
The media is then forced downwards, through the mixture control valve F and into the t-piece G. At this point the media is picked up by the air stream H and forced up the blast hose and out of the blast nozzle.

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Our shot blasting machinery are hand built in the UK. Our blast components are manufactured by local engineering firms to our specification; improving on OEM durability.

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Blast media; What abrasive media should I use in my application?

Can you adapt my machine if my blasting specification changes?

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